Playing with emotions... has never been so much fun!


    • A game by Manu Palau.
    • Players: 2 a 8
    • Age: 7+
    • Duration: 15 minuts
    • Includes 120 emotional cards (Ed. 2017)
    • Rules in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

  • Ikonikus

    How do you feel in the dentist's chair? How would you feel if you dropped your mobile phone in the toilet? ...
    Would you be able to answer these questions using cards instead of words?
    Ikonikus cards only contain symbols, but the interpretations are endless because it all depends on the context and your own interpretation.

    Ikonikus is a fun game in which you will have to develop all your empathy and put yourself in the shoes of the rest of the players to guess what they would feel in each situation.

    • It was to start playing and we laughed a lot. We came up with absurd and crazy questions and the associations of the icons with the questions were the most surreal, as were the explanations of why we had chosen that icon. Joan Petit's dad, Dad and his things.
      El papá de Joan Petit, Papá y sus cosas.
    • Ikonikus has been frankly a great find. We only found one drawback and that is that it is tremendously addictive!!
      Juegos y Dados
    • Ikonikus is both a great game and a great tool for channeling inventiveness and spontaneity.
      Fayzah y Farko, Jugando en Pareja.
    • The masterpiece -because it is a masterpiece- that Manu Palau brought us, is one of the games most used not only by teachers, but by all kinds of professionals. A real gem.
      Juls, Bebé a Mordor.
    • The best game to know the emotions and thoughts of my children that I know. A whole universe of laughter unfolds and, if you know how to read between the lines, fears, illusions, worries ...
      Dácil Muñoz, Una madre desesperada.

  • How do I feel...?

    • The game they had the most fun with was Ikonikus. The students laughed a lot seeing the crazy and even out of place responses of some of their classmates.
      Connectats a l’Eixample
    • Ikonikus is the game of emotions and feelings par excellence. It is a very fun game in which you can develop empathy and emotional intelligence with those around you.
    • Laughter is guaranteed. A game with children has nothing to do with one between adults ;) ;)
      Dos Profes en Apuros
    • I want to tell you today about my latest find that has a lot of potential to be one of my favorite resources in the classroom: the Ikonikus game.
      Color ELE: Ideas para la Clase de Español
    • This is precisely the magic of the Ikonikus game: it transforms a process that can be complicated into a fun game and teaches us to use other tools to express the way we feel.
      Olimpo Juegos
    • It helps to exercise the neurological system of people, including children who are in the process of development and need help so that they can learn to reason correctly.
      Hobby Diario
    • A game that can be used to delve into the emotions of the characters in the play or what we have felt reading. It sure makes for interesting conversations.
      Ana Ordás, Biblogtecarios
    • Skills that are developed: Empathy, cause-effect, analogy, hypothesis creation, reflecting on the consequences of our actions and on emotional and moral concepts are some of the skills and content that you can practice.
      Lourdes Cardenal, Recursos de Filosofía
    • Who needs couches and psychologists having card games with little hearts?
      Ana García Esteban, ¿A qué jugamos hoy? Pág. 38
    • Ikonikus is an ideal board game to learn by playing, managing emotions. In addition, we can use it as a tool to work on empathy, creativity, verbal and non-verbal communication...
      Empanadilla Jugona
    • The dynamics of the game allows us to discover how the other thinks and feels, favoring respect and empathy. The fact that situations are described allows to favor oral language and reflection, learning to put words to what we feel, allowing the development of the expression of emotions and the realization of mental schemes to build sentences.
      Faros / Marinva - Joc i Educació
    • I am looking forward to finding more games like this to be able to take them into the classroom because, really, if we are looking for a tolerant, respectful society made up of good people, it is essential that they are able to see others as equals and develop empathy as much as possible.
      Lourdes Cardenal, Recursos de Filosofía


Make a double serving of popcorn because we are about to have a great time


You just think you know the movie

SPOILERS: The Beginning

The game has only just begun

    • INDEPENDENT GAME: You don't need any other Spoilers to play the game.
    • A game by Manu Palau.
    • Players: 3 a 6
    • Age: 12+
    • Duration: 20 minuts
    • Includes 54 movie cards, 6 bonus point cards, and 1 notebook.
    • Rules in Spanish.
    • English Edition Available
  • Get ready for a special session with zombie patrols, giant crocodiles, killer robots and karate dogs.
    Will you be able to guess what happens in incredible movies where everything is possible and nothing is what it seems?
    Immerse yourself in the best, and worst, B movies with the pocket version of Spoilers: The Game.
    Spoilers: The Beginning is a standalone game with new game modes. It can be played by itself or combined with Spoilers: The Game applying the original rules.


SPOILERS: Popcorn Edition


    • INDEPENDENT GAME: You don't need any other Spoilers to play the game.
    • A game by Manu Palau.
    • Players: 2 a 10
    • Age: 14+
    • Duration: 25 minuts
    • Includes 80 movie cards, 1 board, 12 popcorn tiles, and 3 answer tiles.
    • Rules in Spanish.
  • The films that appear in the game remain completely unknown and so utterly wacky that it seems incredible that they are all real.
    Don't worry, you don't need to have seen any of them to win the game. Your goal is still to discover the true plot of each film without falling into the trap of false answers, but this time you will not do it alone. You will form two teams facing melee to discover "THE TRUTH".
    The time has come to test your intuition and that of your friends. The team that gets the most popcorn wins the game.
    Are you ready for the truth?


    • Such an adventure for a fun game night.
      Descubriendo otros Juegos
    • A proposal full of laughter, anger and "I told you so", even among members of the same team. It works perfectly between two, avoiding contrary theories, but also with many players. We will want more games, more questions, and probably change teams once and for all. Spoilers: Popcorn Edition expands the world of Spoilers in the best way.
      Consola y Tablero

SPOILERS: Travel Edition


    • INDEPENDENT GAME: You don't need any other Spoilers to play the game.
    • A game by Manu Palau.
    • Players: 1 a 8
    • Age: 10+
    • Duration: 15 minuts
    • Includes 25 movie cards.
    • Rules in Spanish.

  • With the travel version of Spoilers: The Game, you will be able to play in the car, on the train or wherever you want.
    The challenge this time is to guess which movie it is with phrases taken from the trailer. All the movies are SUPER FAMOUS and each card includes 5 phrases. The sooner you guess the movie, the more points you will get.
    The game is cooperative, so you can analyze each of the tracks together.

    • It is difficult to stop because it is one of those games that itches you and you want to make another card, and another, and another. It is so portable and comfortable to wear, that we even played it in restaurants while we waited for food to be brought to us. Totally recommended, and hoping that Manu Palau will get more cards again because it is perhaps one of the versions of this game that we liked the most. Very low price, and guaranteed fun and laughter. Discovering Other Games.
      Descubriendo Otros Juegos.

Dream Runners

Immerse yourself in a fantastic dream, catch the treasures and...escape from nightmares
  • Dream Runners
    Each new dream is a frantic challenge in which players must assemble their pieces at full speed to obtain coins, star shards and extraordinary treasures, but… they must also chase away the terrible nightmares that will cause them to lose their valuable serenity points.

    • A game by Joan Dufour
    • Players: 2 a 4
    • Age: 8+
    • Duration: 30 minuts
    • Includes 1 hourglass, 40 segments, 24 dream tiles, 8 wooden tiles, 5 boards, 144 cardboard tiles.
    • Rules in Spanish.


Welcome to the park
  • Draftosaurus
    Who has not dreamed of building their own Jurassic Park? You can finally make your dream come true. Por fin puedes hacer tu sueño realidad.
    Choose your dinosaurs well and build the best park of all to win the game.
    Welcome to... DRAFTOSAURUS!!!

    • A game by Antoine Bauza, Corentin Lebrat, Ludovic Maublanc and Théo Rivière.
    • Players: 2 a 5
    • Age: 8+
    • Duration: 15 minuts
    • Includes 60 wooden dinosaurs, 1 cloth bag, 5 park boards, and 1 custom dice.
    • Rules in Spanish.

    • Fast, entertaining games, with two levels of difficulty and for all types of audiences. What more could you want?
    • Draftosaurus can fit on any type of shelf as a family game that works well with any number of players.
      Consola y Tablero

  • Summer park (basic level)

  • Winter park (advanced level)

Mission accomplished

Are you ready for the mission?
  • Misión Cumplida
    An exciting cooperative game in which players must learn to work as a team to complete all missions before the deck of cards runs out.

    • A game by Ken Gruhl
    • Players: 1 a 4
    • Age: 8+
    • Duration: 20 minuts
    • Includes 110 cards.
    • Rules in Spanish.
    • Mission Accomplished is a game capable of making lovers of cooperation and solo games fall in love. Fun, agile and exciting. It is a challenge to achieve the objectives set by the game in any of its modalities. A game that with very little gives you large doses of family entertainment. A filler that cannot be missing in your game library.
      ¡Qué Juegos de Mesa!
    • We have an ideal game in any situation, completely portable, which guarantees us many days of excitement and the desire to improve ourselves. We recommend that you give it a chance and you will see what a great success.
      Jugador Inicial

Secret mission

Who is sabotaging the mission?
  • Secret mission
    In this hidden role-playing game for the whole family, your goal is to build a state-of-the-art super robot. It will not be an easy task because someone is boycotting the mission and you must find out who it is before it is too late.

    • A game by Alberto Corazón Arambarri
    • Players: 4 a 10
    • Age: 10+
    • Duration: 15 minuts
    • Includes 54 cards and 5 robot boards.
    • Rules in Spanish.

    • An exciting, agile and very fun hidden role semi-cooperative card game.
      ¡Qué Juegos de Mesa!
    • It incorporates a variant that allows us to use any face of the boards, regardless of the number of players. In this way, the difficulty of the mission will increase, something very useful when playing with the same group.
      Consola y Tablero

Traffic Jam

Enjoy the trip!...if you can


Take a lot of fruit, a lot of fresh fruit...Take it and enjoy it as you see fit!
  • Juices
    Prepare the best juices and become the Grand Juice Master.
    Combine your fruits with the best accessories, make the most of your reduced space and be very careful with your opponents, who will try to break your basket to make it more difficult for you.

    • A game by David Amorín and Ramón Redondo.
    • Players: 2 a 10
    • Age: 8+
    • Duration: 20 minuts
    • 140 cards.
    • Rules in English and Spanish.
    • Wonderful. Juices is one of the games that we have been most excited about lately at home, because of how beautiful it is, how easy it is to explain and understand with kids, fun… Well, because it's a great game.
      Tang de Naranja
    • Juices are essential on any shelf, both for its price and its format that are most attractive.
      El Panda Jugón
    • It is a challenge with great interaction between players, capable of surprising each play and their endings. Both young and old will have fun with it.
      Consola y Tablero
    • Juices once again meets the “Destroqueladores” 3Bs: Good, Nice, Cheap (Bueno, Bonito, Barato).

  • Getting to know Juices (Zacatrus)
    How to play and game with the authors (La Mazmorra de Pacheco)
    How to play Juices (La Mesa de Dam)

Magic Mandala

You thought Mandalas were very relaxing...until now!

Candy Time

A tile game for the whole family Very sweeeet
  • Candy Time
    It is Candy time and the table is full of them. Who can resist? But what has happened? Someone has broken them all in half ... ALL!
    Now we must find the missing halves. Turn your tiles over and over until you have completed the largest number of candies.

    • A game by Manu Palau.
    • Players: 2 a 6
    • Age: 5+
    • Duration: 15 minuts
    • Includes 56 sweet tiles.
    • Rules in English, Spanish, French and German.

  • Discover the new game modes of Candy Time, with more interaction, more strategy and at full speed. Are you ready to raise the level?

Password Express

2 Teams... 4 Rounds... 15 Seconds...Pure stress and 100% FUN

Mix It

You must build your monster before anyone else...But this is chaos!

Educational games

Every game is learning… and everything can be learned with a game.
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